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Ffestiniog Railway Bullhead Track

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I took at Dduallt in 2001. I believe this track would have been laid in the late 1970s, although I'd have to re-check my FR history. It shows old bullhead track using second-hand BR sleepers and timbers - in some cases you can see bolt holes and chair impressions from their previous use.

A couple of interesting points (to me, anyway). One of the photos shows the use of Penrhyn Quarry Railway chairs, another the fact that short lengths of PQR rail were welded together (from memory, it came in 30ft lengths). Another photo shows a welded bullhead to flat-bottom transition rail - this is at the top end as the spiral has been laid with flat-bottom but the main line through the station is bullhead.

Unlike most photos that people take of track, there are no trains in the way ;)
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