1. Martin Wynne

    Admin: bug warning 228a

    Sorry to say there is a bug in version 228a. :( For very long templates, Templot does not allocate sufficient memory for all the generated data. You will see strange screen effects such as timbers missing, peg shown in the wrong place, etc., and also on printed templates some things will be...
  2. Martin Wynne

    Templot2 update version 228a now available

    A new Templot program update is now available. Version 228a. If you are using version 227d, 227c, 227b, 226f or earlier, your copy of Templot should update automatically if you restart it and follow the instructions. If you have the Templot Video Player open, please close it first. More...
  3. Martin Wynne

    I'm in a muddle again

    Friends, I have got in a muddle again, and this heat isn't helping. :( I was in the middle of some new timbering options for short-angle diamond-crossings when I got distracted back into the 3-D exports. Now I can't remember where I had got to or what I had in mind to do next. If I try to get...