timber shoving

  1. Martin Wynne

    Demo 001 - 27th March 2021

    Video: https://85a.uk/templot/companion/demo_001.php Overview: crossover between non-concentric tracks some basic timber shoving the control template and stored templates Datelines: 0:00:00 making a crossover between non-concentric tracks 0:26:00 some basic timber shoving 0:39:33 about the...
  2. Martin Wynne

    Measuring things

    I made a bit of scruff video for Graham, but it deserves its own topic and tags: https://flashbackconnect.com/Default.aspx?id=VMACIToWUKSFyI_BfIAjrw2 Martin.
  3. B

    Timber Shoving - 2

    Hi I have attached a file showing how far I have got with timbering a 1:7 crossover. I am working on GWR Old type curved switches using 9' minumum length sleepers and timbering. On reading the crossing timber section of GWR switching and crossing practice I am assuming that early practise...