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3-way turnout - adding 3rd V-crossing

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I'm trying to build a 3 way turnout (not a tandem) and am following Martin's excellent video on manual tandem creation here but I can't get the 3rd V to end up in the correct position using Orbit. Am I doing something wrong, or because it is a 3 way and not a tandem, do I need another approach?

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After more research I believe I've found a means of solving the problem using "Find Intersection" as described by Martin here, item 8.
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Hi Chris,

Welcome to Templot Club. :)

That video is about creating a double-sided tandem turnout. What you are making is a single-sided 3-throw turnout, not a tandem, so the video doesn't entirely apply. For the difference between a tandem and a 3-throw, see:


Since that video was made I have introduced the updated find intersection function, which as you found is helpful in creating the third V-crossing in tandems and 3-throws.

I started by deleting the inner turnout into the control template. Then clicked on the outer template:


Then peg/align tools > find intersection with the control template... , and I set the appropriate intersecting rails. After clicking the find intersection button and then choosing match V-crossing, it doesn't at first sight look too successful:


But it is an irregular half-diamond having the required V-crossing angle, aligned in the required location with the original template, so we are most of the way there. Notice that this function has put the original control template back on the background.

An irregular half-diamond tends to work better than a gaunt turnout as a source for the third V-crossing in single-sided tandems and 3-throws.

Swap the hand from RH to LH, and then use the F10 mouse action to adjust the K-crossing angle until the rails align at the opposite end of the template. This sets the required radius through the V-crossing matching the underlying rail:


Then do > isolate V-crossing to get just the part of the half-diamond actually needed:


You can then revert to the video and carry on.

Notice that at some stage the flare end on the check rail will need adjusting to clear the adjacent running rail. That's at real > adjust check rails... menu item.

Ask again if anything is not clear. :)


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