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Admin: bug warning 228a

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Martin Wynne

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Sorry to say there is a bug in version 228a. :(

For very long templates, Templot does not allocate sufficient memory for all the generated data. You will see strange screen effects such as timbers missing, peg shown in the wrong place, etc., and also on printed templates some things will be missing.

This will apply only to long templates with over about 300 timbers. The underlying working of the program isn't affected, but that's not much use if you can't properly see what's happening.

I will get it fixed as soon as possible and release 228b.

This is the sort of thing which previously I would have found with exhaustive testing before each release, often taking several days. But I just don't have the energy or time for that any more. Sorry.

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Hello Martin
As we get older caps locks and other things seem to conspire in order that what we type is output in anything but what we are attempting to communicate.After two bottles of "yellow tail"shiraz I get similar results.
Other than me or you who gives a "shit"
I am sure other members of the Templot club have a similar opinion.
Yours with apologies for any offense perceived.
At the same time not sure spell check for the appropriate language is being used.
Trevor. :)
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