• The Plug Track functions are experimental and still being developed. Some of the earlier pages of this topic are now out-of-date.

    Some pages of this topic include contributions from members who are creating and posting their own CAD designs for 3D printing and laser-cutting. Do not confuse them with Templot's own exported CAD files.

Admin: new forum feature - related topics

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There is a new panel at the bottom of each topic page showing a list of up to 8 "Related topics".

This may sometimes be useful if you are looking for something. But bear in mind that the selection is based solely on the topic title lines without regard to the actual content -- it won't list every similar topic, or even the most relevant.

A similar panel also now appears when starting a new topic and entering the title line, intended to avoid duplicating something already covered. The panel can be removed by clicking the Cancel button.


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