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ADMIN: please make a note of this

Martin Wynne

West of the Severn UK
Please do not send requests for help direct to me via email.

Post your questions on the forum where everyone can see them and add helpful replies.
I'm starting to shuffle stuff about from the old web hosting to the new. It's not entirely clear that I know what I'm doing.

Some links may not work for a while. If things go haywire, I will post an update on this link:

Make a note of it now, while you can see it. :)


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It's not entirely clear that I know what I'm doing.
We all have that problem with big and complex projects.
Making lists will work and will not work:
Ok make a list and start with this one.
Make a side list with extra add ons,
make a list with extra's
make a list for things not to forget....make a side list for al those lists
Make a list to maintain those lists
I can go on with this for a hour or two.

Yes you have a lot of work on your hands.
Probably some of us could help a bit?
Cut the cake in several pieces, place it on a cloud place or something?
I would not mind to sort out some things for you.

With best regards
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