Autumn again

Martin Wynne

West of the Severn UK
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It's Autumn again, and the 15 years are nearly up. How are we doing?

Reading that again, there is mention of the 85A Hunslet kit:


This seems a good day to say that we were doing our bit for the planet all those years ago -- by supplying real coal for the bunker, we were preventing anyone from burning it. :)

The track in the foreground was my attempt at FDM-printing of chairs in 7mm/ft scale.

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Paul Boyd

Loughborough, UK
Gosh, I remember that discussion! I was interested that even that far back (my 27th year of subscribing to RM, so now my 41st year) I was cynical about RM’s reviews - nothing has changed there (thinking about no mention of recent 10ft long carriages being modelled at 12ft long…)

As for Tim Shackleton, I think his articles in Hornby Magazine are very good, although there’s surely a limit to the number of ways of weathering something. I wonder if he’s remembered his gloomy outlook of 15 years ago, whilst still working in the model railway industry?

Talking of MRJ, I wonder when the next issue is out? Seems to have been a while since the last one. (Just checked - according to, issue 286 is due on the 24th, although that’ll be MRJ time of course!)

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My other main interest is in 4mm scale loco kits, the older traditional methods of kit components (whitemetal) seems to have stabilized all be it musical chairs with SEF and NuCast. But on the etched and more importantly 3D printing (and laser cutting in other areas) seem to be buoyant

C&L in track building is going from strength to strength, sadly we lost Andrew Jukes a few weeks back. Lets hope one or both of the societies can continue the range

Now with the strides in Templot with 3D printed chairs and various timber/sleeper production methods ,and the strides to simplify templates (slips, 3 ways etc). Then we have Wayne with Fintrax track building is in a very strong place

Thank you to all, 15 years well spent
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