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Calculating map size

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Martin Wynne

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For those who can't get the embedded map browser to work, and prefer to make a screenshot from your regular browser, there is a size calculator function in Templot.

Would someone like to try this and write it up for Brian? I think I've reached the stage where I need some help in responding to questions.

1. you must set your model scale first.

2. it works only for georeferenced slippy maps, such as NLS, OpenStreetMap, Google, etc.

3. it works only if your browser is set at the dot-for-dot zoom level. On my monitor set at 120dpi that means I view everything in Firefox at 80% zoom. Your browser or monitor may be different. The Templot built-in capture function checks this by measuring a displayed test image, but for this do-it-yourself option you must check it yourself.

4. you need the latitude and map zoom level from the URL:


5. you need the image width in pixels. Templot will tell you this after pasting the image into a picture shape:


6. use the calculator to find the image width in mm at your current model scale.

7. click the auto-fit button and choose the set known width option. Enter the calculated width.

The map should then be sized correctly for your model scale.

I will maybe cover this in the next live demo. The Windows embedded browser can be such a pain at times this method may be preferred.


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