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Centre line only for a group of templates

Martin Wynne

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Can a completed plan, as a group of templates be changed to centre line only rather than changing each template separately?

Hi Graham,

Sure. But there are numerous options depending on why you want to do it. If it's just as an aid to track planning, do this:


First set whatever option you want on the control template, and then click modify group to match. You will find a similar option in many other places in Templot. You can change them all back by setting normal and repeating the process.

The (dummy) option shows the centre-line in the style of the background shapes for colour and thickness. You can then use dummy track templates to represent curved baseboard edges and other constructional features.

If you want the track centre-lines for printed or export or display purposes, there are other options (which don't need the above changes). You can display or print the track in diagram mode, or as a thick centre-line in any colour, on the sketchboard or as an exported image:




If you want the centre-lines for use in a CAD program, there are also options on the DXF dialog for 2-D exports.

Ask again if you need more explanations.


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