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Code formatting

I was reviewing the messages from the old Templot Club, and read through the "Code Formatting" topic.

I agree with Graeme that setting a standard that can be applied automatically is important (exactly what the standard is is less important :) ).

If we get a repository set up, I would suggest that after the initial commit of the existing code the first action taken should be a bulk reformat of the code to the new standard, and then commit that so everyone that wants to work on the code has that as a base.

Alistair Ward.
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Martin Wynne

West of the Severn UK
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Hi Alistair,

The problem there is that I just know that my preference will be the exact opposite of everyone else's. :(

After that previous discussion with Graeme I decided that I was not going to change my way of doing things, my brain is now too old and set in its ways. I make enough silly mistakes these days, without trying to conform with someone else's idea of how it should be done.

But I'm happy for anything I write to be run through a re-formatter if others require it.


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