Converging tracks - clearance position

Martin Wynne

West of the Severn UK
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To find the location of the clearing-point for converging tracks, use the utils > dummy vehicle • spacing-ring function:


The ring can be set to the required spacing dimension. In the UK that's normally 6ft-way between the rails. Click the six-foot button to set the ring to the required diameter for your current gauge and scale. The diameter is adjusted to maintain the track centres spacing for the reduced model gauges.

The ring can then be moved by mouse action to find the clearing-point.

You can then click the make shapes from ring button to create background circle shapes at the ring location. Remember to save the background shapes (BGS3) file.

In the UK, shunting staff on the ground traditionally use the location where interlaced sleepers separate as a temporary fouling point when moving vehicles about, as at A above.

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