Curving Finetrax OO-SF B7 Turnout Kits

This is my attempt at curving some OO-SF B7 turnout kits.
First off I produced the start of my track plan in Templot.
Gauge > OO-SF
I started a short bit of straight plain track saved it to background, then added a left hand B7 turnout. Then curved this using normal flexure to 3400mm.
Then clicked on the [crossover] button and adjusted the track centres to 47mm (having previously in another separate session used the dummy vehicles option to work out a safe separation). This generated another left hand turnout but with contra-flexure to give me the desired croccover.
I then repeated the process but this time with right hand B7 turnouts. I added some odd bits of track on the end, then used the Transition curve link option to join the left hand and right hand turnouts.
By luck this gave me interlaced turnouts, and then I just shoved some timbers to give me the attached box file.
On the basis that the 6 foot way is a minimum and that OO-SF is already a compromise I am happy with the resultant plan.

Please feel to criticise etc
Next I will print this out, and apply some matt lacquer before gluing to some 2mm thick greyboard.


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Martin Wynne

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Hi Steve,

There are some posts on RMweb today about curving the FinetraX 00-SF kits: :)

You had instant reverse curves (instant change of curving direction) in 3 places, ringed yellow, lower:


I replaced them with an S-curve transition -- which looks smoother and will run better, upper.

To put a crossover in a double track transition:

1. make double track from the first turnout in the transition (not make crossover).

2. select the automatic adjust option.

3. insert a turnout in the new plain track.

4. roam it into position and align the crossover road manually (zoom in to see).

(It has to be done that way because it is not mathematically possible for two transition zones to be perfectly concentric (i.e. constant-spaced, all along). It's close, but not exact. If you use the make crossover function, the spacing would be set exact at the centre, making the 1st and 2nd radii slightly non-concentric with the first track.)

BOX file below.




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