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  • crossover between non-concentric tracks
  • some basic timber shoving
  • the control template and stored templates

0:00:00 making a crossover between non-concentric tracks

0:26:00 some basic timber shoving

0:39:33 about the control template and stored templates


Please reply to add more timings for bits you found useful (or useless :) ), and any other comments about the actual content of the demo (i.e. not the stuff about buffering, Twitch, screen sizes, etc.). The timings are shown at the bottom right of the video if you stop the playback and drag the slider. They don't need to be very precise.

I will start one of these topics for each demo, and add any posted info to the above video web page, so that the info is easily searched for in future.

Thanks for your contributions -- this is the only practical way I can make the archived demos accessible in future. Editing a 2-hour video to add captions and titles in all the right places is a full day's work, even assuming I knew which were the right places.

The archive listing of all the live demos will be at:


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