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End curve so that it is horizontal

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Struggled to think of a title for this one so hopefully the screenshot will make it clear. I have a curve coming in from another part of the layout at the end of which a straight length of track represents the start of the fiddle yard and I want that straight track to be horizontal (i.e. parallel to the horizontal grid lines). I've always done this by trial and error by increasing/decreasing the length of the curve then adding the straight on the end until it is horizontal (so, the screenshot example, I'd go and make the curve slightly longer then join the straight to it) but is there a function that would ensure that the curve would be exactly the right length for the straight to be horizontal?

Hope that makes sense...

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Hi John,

Set the straight track (or any radius) first, then make simple link to it. See:




If you didn't actually want the straight track, just delete it afterwards. It's often helpful to create temporary dummy templates.

If it's a running line, use make transition link instead.

If it's important to do it without changing the radius, read the peg angle from the info panel, and set the template swing angle to match. Ask again if you want more about that.


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