Experiments in printing GWR chairs together with laser cut timbers.


I got stuck on the idea of modelling Camborne station, prior to lifting the goods yard. It has two slips, a crossover, and 3 turnouts in an impossibly small space. Until I got of copy of David Smiths book I thought it was impossible. I have now almost got a templot track plan, I have the rails placed but timbering is a worry.

proof of concept.JPG

I made this to prove I could join laser cut sections together (The main line is at the top, bay on the right, good on the left)

I have been given new hope that I can do it, if I use plugs on the chair and socket on the timbers. In the short term the only place I can get GWR chairs with plugs on is if I design and print them myself.

To be continued ...
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My short term goal is to find a way of reliably making a GWR loose heel switchs. I got on reasonably well following the Morgan Designs Instructions but I hope that with computer controlled machines I can do better. The 3D printer enables me to print my own chairs and my current hope is that I can make functional 1S, 2S & 3S chairs to better support the heal.

There are may challenges to overcome one being how to assemble the switch on the trackbase. The is where I hope plug in chairs will help.



This is just a trial assembly to see how I am going. The SS* chair has a functional stud block and it is my intension that the switch rail ricks in the 1S chair. I am working on the 2S chair and this will provide firm support for the end of the turnout rail. (The switch rail is junk from my desktop and not quite the right shape.)
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@Phil O

Hi Phil,

It's Timbers building the GWR switches, not me. :)

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