from Templot to 3d printing.....

As you would remember or not i made some turn outs and some three way switches out of aluminium strip and wooden sleepers.
With some promising results, all my own designed boogies (soviet ones) went over it with no pain...what else do you expect when you use templot......

But the comfortable temp in the shed went to a temperature that would make a man...uncomfortable/insecure....
With the words of Martin in my mind: why dont you try 3d printing your frogs....
Cous xt pvc gives me very good results for frogs, so why would I????
This crossover in wood would keep me busy for 3 weeks with a cost of 5 euro
With abs filament it is going to cost me 20 euro...Here is the enjoining BUT:
This will cost me 6 hours of designing in the comfort of a wood fire in the living room after work and a lot more of precision....and the printer will do the rest....
What do you think?
Opinions comments ect are appreciated.
The abs has almost the same color as the azobe wood.
The print is not finished yet and the alu strip must still be cut for it, i suspect a 3 hours of work for this one...




What i did was pretty simple but tricky....
I made what i want in templot saved as jpeg, loaded into a 3d program(in my case 3d builder of windows) scale it to size precise, did my thing...converted to a stl---->gcode and print
Martin if you have time after archiving the old templot site, could it be possible that the tempot program could convert it to a stl?
I know regarding sleepres, fish plates nails frogs differend codes of rails ect and what ever design it is going to be a very hard task, there is simply to much.
Take the Soviet and the US of A railroads in the 30's and in the 60's for example, you will get 8! different railroads!...speaking only about the main lines! good luck for those that want prototypical correct in a certain time frame or area....

But a little room for the 3d printer? could that be possible?
Btw my sleepers are in the wrong size and mistake sorry, wont happen again.

Thanks in advance
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Martin Wynne

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Martin if you have time after archiving the old templot site, could it be possible that the templot program could convert it to a stl?

Hi Igor,

That looks good. :)

I had been doing quite a lot of 3D stuff in Templot, see these topics:

This is 7mm/ft Gauge 0:



But it is all stalled at present because I'm tied up with so much other stuff.

The existing 3D output is only in DXF format. That can be easily converted to STL in many CAD packages, and then sliced for 3D printing.

However, for small-scale models (4mm/ft) the existing slicers don't seem to produce very good results that way -- I have been getting better results generating the gcode directly in Templot. But adding a full user function to do that will be a lot of work.

Bear in mind that your models are much larger scale than the vast majority of Templot users, so what works for you isn't going to be applicable to most users.

I would love to be spending time on all this and tinkering with my 3D printer, but at present I must first complete the move to the new server and get the old Templot Club archived, and then get the next update 227a finished and released. At the present rate of progress it is going to be 12 months since the last one!

I confess to feeling a bit overwhelmed at present by all the current loose ends in Templot and requests for help. The present lockdown situation doesn't help. But I will get back to the 3D stuff eventually.


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thanks Martin i will take a very close look at that.
In the mean time for MY railroad i think i will settle in the middle...more wood less plastic
Thanks for the links i will dig into those ones and keep you updated about my endeavors.
with best regards Igor
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