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Morning all,
Apologies for what could be a stupid question, total newbie to railway modelling, just 6 months!! Now getting stuck into my first layout.
So, question is, where to put joggles or sets in a curved 3 way turnout. So far I have put a joggle at A, before I continue should I use them in any other places?
Also Y turnouts, fitted one so far and joggled both rails. Not sure if that is right.
Thanks for any help you can give?

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Martin Wynne

West of the Severn UK
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Hi Paul,

All the information you need is at:

It's either a plain set in one rail only (the turnout-side diverging stock rail), or a reverse joggle in both stock rails.

The GWR and BR(W) used joggles throughout. Also some other pre-grouping companies such as the GER.

Other post-group companies and BR regions used the REA designs, mostly with a plain set, but sometimes with joggles in running-line facing turnouts only.

It's very difficult to make an accurate scaled prototypical joggle. Here's a GWR reverse joggle. Made by putting two bends in the rail close together. Notice how subtle it is and almost invisible in a model:


Here's an LNER plain set. Made by putting a single bend in the stock rail. This is the most common bullhead design in the UK:


Thanks to Mick Nicholson for the pic.

I strongly recommend using a plain set in your trackbuilding. It's in only one rail (the other stock rail is plain rail) and is very much easier to model, gauge correctly, and fit the switch blades. An easy way to make it is:


Despite appearances your tandem is a double-sided tandem, Right and then Left from the curved middle road. You would need to put a set at A and D in your diagram in the diverging stock rails. The set positions are marked on the printed templates:



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Colchester UK
Hi Martin,
Thank you for the information. Really appreciate it. Yes, I should have paid more attention to the template.
Templot is a great resource for us beginners.
All the best.
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