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Just for a bit of fun, using an Iain Rice plan

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Last week we had a holiday in Alnwick, we wanted to see the north east coast and countryside and when my wife found out that in part of the disused Alnwick Station there was a large second hand bookshop Alnwick became the place to stay. Bookshop aside Alnwick is a lovely town and a local hotel has the old first class dining room from the Olympic ( a second place we frequented ) and of course there is the castle plus its new gardens

Anyway on our first visit I found a copy of Iain Rice's book "Designs For Urban Layouts" it had been recommended to me last year for a layout design of London Docklands, but its a nice book to pickup and consider Iain's layout designs and ideas.

Anyway I thought it might be fun to scan the odd plan into Templot and try and build up a track plan
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As I posted I have an Iain Rice book of urban plans which I thought might prove interesting to use the odd plan in Templot

Unlike an OS plan Iain's sketches have one line not 2 rails, any thoughts on the best method to overlay track please, example should I line up the track centre lines, or just go along with what looks near enough
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Hi John,

Yes, nominally align over the drawn centre-lines. But you will likely find that they don't fit too closely -- to give correct track spacings for example. So you will need to get the best fit you can.

However, unlike many C J Freezer plans, you will usually find that Iain's designs can actually be made to fit the quoted overall baseboard dimensions if you do a bit of trial trial and error.

There was a previous topic about an unfinished EM design for Iain's Downingham 12ft x 8ft layout plan, it's here:




Dave Summers kindly scanned and uploaded the original magazine article, here:


Here is the unfinished EM design:


Files attached, if anyone wants to have a go at finishing it. :)

The BGS3 file background scan is for 4mm/ft scale, so could be used for any 00/EM/P4 design. It's a large file, so may be slow to load.

The BOX file is for EM.




  • downingham_em_unfinished.box
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  • downingham_iain_rice_4mm.bgs3
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