Kingswear for Dartmouth

Sorry I was a bit obtuse with that posting.
What I meant to say was that it was absolutely fascinating to read the history of this P4 layout.
The buildings at Kingswear really do capture the essence of this rivermouth town, and reminded me of a visit I made a couple of years ago travelling down the DSR, stopping off at Greenway Halt on the way back up the line for the walk to Greenway House.
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Sandbach, Cheshire
Builder of Finescale Signals in 2mm scale to 7mm scale, Trackwork, Turnouts and Layouts.
There is much more on their website, though of some interest to me, partly as I did the signals and turntable in 7mm scale but currently because they are waiting for my current order (posts and brackets) from PPD to arrive so they can proceed further, delivery is expected next month, so I don't think it will be long before there is another update.
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