Looking at double track layouts in 00-SF but can't see it fitting

So I have been looking at seeing if I can fit a double track layout into my space in 00-SF, I really enjoy the layout of Bucks Hill

So I was trying to invert the plan a little bit but due to not wanting platforms on extreme curves and needing the R/H side for he fiddle yard (with 2ft curves in and out) I don't think it's possible in the space I have.

Maybe I should just stick to my Single Track line plan Dexfield instead (it is almost built track wise) but I feel it's missing something interesting operational and viewing wise..


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Hi Mike,

Welcome to Templot Club. :)

With a space of over 4 metres it should be possible to fit in a double-track 00 layout if that is what you want. You need to put more of a curve in the platforms so that the end curves can be a larger radius. Sharp 2ft radius curves don't really go with 00-SF layouts, and would need some gauge-widening or 16.5mm flexitrack. For 00-SF it's best to keep above 750mm/30" radius if you can.

Note that you don't have a running clearance here:


Such sharp curves need extra track-spacing for a running clearance between the vehicles.


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Been playing about with the idea some more, It's still horribly wrong in many places. Its kinda working and kinda looking horrible at the same time


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