Missing photos

Phil O

Hi Martin,

I was searching back through the archive for my series of photos on the GW special chairs and some of the results have the photos missing, I know that you archived the all photos, but I can't find where you put them on the new forum.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Martin Wynne

West of the Severn UK
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Hi Phil,

You posted them as attachments (i.e. not in the image gallery) in a series of several separate topics all named "GW Special Chairs".

If you go to the main Search link at the top right of this page and enter:

"GW Special Chairs"

(in quotes like that - important)

you should see links to all those old topics. Which should contain the photos. If some photos are missing, please let me know which topics.

To see only the photos, go to:



all those attached photos will be somewhere in the first 4 links on that page. I think most of them will be in part 1. Sorry, the only way to find them is to scroll through the whole lists. When you find one, you can click it to see and save the original image, or you can click the file name to see the topic where you posted it.

Further down the page you will see a link to your name, which lists all your images which were posted in the image gallery (i.e. not as attachments). (38 was your membership ID number on the old forum.)

p.s. none of this stuff has been copied to the new forum.

You might like to create a new topic on here for them.

Or create a photo album for them in the Media section:


Or ideally create a Resource for them:


(click Does not have a file* and then Attach files below the text area)

*i.e. that means not in a single zip file or similar


message ref: 1272