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Martin Wynne

West of the Severn UK
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It is 12 months today since we launched the new version of Templot Club running on XenForo software.

We didn't have much choice, it is a couple of months now since Jim finally switched the old server off.

How is it going? I've not had a lot of feedback so I assume no news is good news.

In the first 12 months we have had 3,218 posts in 327 topics from 273 members. That's a lot fewer members than the 2,000+ we had on the old forum, but of course on any web forum the vast majority of members are inactive, especially if it has been running for many years.

Just a reminder that getting an email notification of everything posted on Templot Club is possible, but much more tedious to set up than on the old forum because you must do it for each forum section separately. Full details are at:

I have asked on the XenForo support site why it can't be made easier, but there is general disbelief that anyone would want such a thing.

One thing I do want to get changed if I can is to make links to other topics open always in a new tab. At present only external links do that. You can force a link to open in a new tab if you hold down the CTRL key while clicking it -- such as that one above.

Happy Christmas everyone. :)

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UK, Midlands
Hello Martin
I suspect- although with not a shred of evidence to support it, in fact so little that I am surprised I am not being invited to join SAGE- that a lot of people have lost interest in railway modelling over the past year or two. Ironically, time is one reason normally given for not undertaking projects and over the past 2 years that's something we've had a lot of.

But when people are worried about their future livelihoods, children's education, etc and even buying railway modelling supplies has become tedious (in my opinion) people don't focus on anything.

Just a thought. I maybe hopelessly wrong.

Best wishes for Christmas and New Year and thanks for all you've done for us all over yet another year. I would suggest that in terms of development of Templot, 2021 has been quite a year. Who'd have thought you'd even be thinking of 3D printing a year back.


EDIT: Changed 'not a lot of' to 'a lot of'.
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Nigel Brown

Hi Martin

I was very slow in moving over as although I'd read the original notification it completely vanished from my mind. It was only when I started to wonder why I wasn't reading any notifications (after 6 months or so ...) that I looked into why. Once registered with the new forum there was another pause before I realised that one had to enable each section separately. Old age ...

Apart from that, reckon it's working fine. Would have thought 273 (active) members is fine; it should gradually increase as others discover Templot.

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Tony W

North Notts
Or perhaps some of us have been using the time actually building the layouts we have been using Templot to design. But I do take Derek's point as ones livelihood comes first.
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Just going back to Martin's opening post, I've only just started to use the new Forum. I was immediately impressed by the ease of attaching photos, and the second thing I discovered on Thursday is that, making a post on "I found a flaw", up came some references to recent posts to what I was writing. So I tacked my (eventually timewasting, sorry:oops:) post on to that topic where it related directly to the previous post.

I was a bit averse to dipping into the new arrangements, and had many actual building projects on the go in any case, but it's actually no problem at all to use and has I expect many more advantages I've yet to discover.

All best for a Happy Christmas everyone
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