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New Turnout actuator with built in switch/s

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I have come into contact with James Walters who is a very talented model maker and Youtuber building Bexhill West station. James tends to look for alternatives when coming across issues in building his models, and shares his designs with Make It Miniature

James has redesigned turnout actuators so they run smoothly without any upward movement and these actuators can be supplied without microswitches, or with one or two microswitches, here is a link to a video showing how simple they are to fit and also a very easy to use (designed for numpties like myself) electronic unit for 4 servos

Certainly will work with both hand built and RTR 4 mm turnouts and crossings, as the throw distance can be altered it should work with many other gauges. The speed of throw can also be controlled

James also sells a very nifty 3D printed goods yard crane


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