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O Gauge Starter layout (revisited)

Hi Folk,

Back in 2018 I posted the start of my O gauge starter layout, so here's the current state of play - I have "found" a corner to enable me to work on it undisturbed but, as you can see, progress is slow.....
Progress on Singleton has been even slower though, during lockdown, I have built a couple of engines and am working up drawings for the platform buildings in Inkscape, with a view to using my Silhouette Curio (still not unwrapped!) to cut out the parts.
best wishes, stay safe
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Hi Richard,
I have just found this post about your 0 gauge layout. It looks very nice. I also model 0 gauge, currently pre-Great War GER and also 1960s/70s NCB coal trains. I am in Shropshire if you are ever in the area.


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