P4/S4 vs S4-X

La Cathedrale

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Good evening all,

Just wondering after seeing Martin's comment in an old thread about 00-P that 'most P4 modellers if starting over would go with an S4 flangeway' - if it is worth considering as someone thinking about experimenting with this? I've got a lathe so happy to make my own gauges/etc. but obviously retaining compatibility as limited as it might be with regular P4 would be advantageous!
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Martin Wynne

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Martin's comment in an old topic about 00-P that 'most P4 modellers if starting over would go with an S4 flangeway'

Hi (you didn't sign your name),

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Did you mean me? I don't recognise that quote, and I doubt I would use the term "starting over".

I don't know about "most P4 modellers", but I do think that if the originators of P4 were starting again from scratch they would stick to exact-scale dimensions throughout.

The subject of P4 versus S4-X has been much discussed on the Scalefour Society web forum, especially in the matter of wheel back-to-backs:

https://www.scalefour.org/forum/ (non-members can read but not post)

I doubt there is much to be achieved by opening that can of worms all over again here on Templot Club. :)

Both settings are in the Templot pre-set gauges list -- it's a choice between 50-years-worth of P4 compatibility, or insisting on exact scale. Only you know which you prefer.

p.s. The naming is confusing. In the early days of P4, traders (including me) were forced to use the term S4 to refer to regular P4 because 'P4' was a trade mark of Studiolith Ltd. I continued doing that in Templot, so we still have P4/S4 for regular P4 and S4-X for the exact-scale variant. It's too late to change now.


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