Password problem

Phil O

Hi Martin,

I have a problem trying to login on my phone, it doesn't like my password for some reason. I was out and about yesterday and couldn't login as I was getting an incorrect password message. I have remembered to check it this morning and still get the error message despite logging on ok with my laptop.

As I see it, I may need to change my password and hope that it will work on my phone.

Many thanks.
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Martin Wynne

West of the Severn UK
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Hi Phil,

Sorry you are having problems.

Just tried logging in on my Android phone and it is working ok. So I don't know what the problem may be on your phone, sorry.

Unless you are planning to post sensitive information on here, there is no need for great security. Try changing to a short password which is easy to enter on the phone. I find trying to enter complex passwords on a phone keypad is almost impossible without making mistakes. How some folks spend all day on their phone is a mystery to me. 15 minutes of trying to get the thing to do what I want is about my limit. :(


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