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Preferences - including particular gauge at start up

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I start Templot with, My Preferences". It used to include a straight track with a B7 turnout inserted. The gauge was set to 00-SF.

Somewhere along the line I lost my preferences and had to start from scratch to renew them.

It now starts with the default curved turnout in T-55 gauge.

I cannot, for the life in me remember how I got it to start in 00-SF.

Help please anyone.
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Martin Wynne

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Hi Goddders,

Gauge/scale is template-specific. i.e. each template has its own gauge/scale setting. This setting is therefore in the BOX file, not in the program preferences which are about the way the program works, not the track design data it uses.

To start always in 00-SF, do this:

1. create and store a 00-SF template.

2. save a BOX file with the name start.box in your C:\TEMPLOT_DEV\BOX-FILES\ folder (i.e. the default folder).

Templot looks for a file called start.box on start-up and loads it.

The same applies to start.bgs3 in your SHAPE-FILES folder, which is a convenient way of starting with your baseboard outlines or a background map.

You can also use start.box to set up any other non-default options you want for a new track plan, such as 9ft timbers or equalized timbering. Such settings will propagate into any subsequent templates, unless you change them.

But not of course if you then load some other BOX file. To avoid the start control template being changed, select the option to add the BOX file rather than load it.

p.s. in order to add you must have at least one stored template already in the storage box. Which you could of course afterwards delete, if unwanted.

start.box is also a good way to load a selection of library templates, if you have some. More about that at:



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Hi Marrrtin,

Thank you, as soon as you said it I remembered and actually found the original, "start.box", file and moved it. It worked instantly of course.

Please notice the triple "r" in your name to match the triple "d" in mine.

cheers and thanks again
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