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Some pictures of track work from the Amsterdam CS in the Netherlands.

I hope you enjoy this.
Sorry for the bad quality i made those from the scaffolding with a modest phone.
In some construction sites you really dont want to have expensive equipment with you.

When i have time i will look thru the drawings that i have from 1932, for track 1 to 6 i dont think much has changed, and post them.
If this is the wrong section, please feel free to move to the right section.

Thanks for reading, best Igor


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For several reasons i use my finger to point out some things, this drawing is from 1936 and not 32 as i mentioned earlier.
I would not like any pencil marks on it

Where my index and middle finger are is the approximate place where i toke the pictures, where my pink is is the entrance of the station.

Most of the track work is still unaltered, but for the second set to the station where my finger is they changed it to a double slip.


The whole length of the station including side/fiddle yards, cleaning, ash pits, coal/water supplies and repair/storage is in real life 2.5-3 km the station alone is 1.6 km.
In gauge one 1:32 scale only the station would take 50 meters plus of garden.....

I must figure out a way that she is going to get rid of those goats...
This would be a heck of a bad the alarm clock keeps doing is nagging job every morning.

But some parts are going to build.
I am going to scan this drawing anyway in pdf, in pieces of a A4 paper, if there is anyone interested i am willing to give you the files.

With best regards Igor
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What scale are you making this in Igor? There's some interesting track on that, especially the eco roads that go at obtuse angles across the main running lines.

I've been the Amsterdam CS a few times, I think they stole the idea of the station roof from St. Pancras.

I have a friend in Holland who was a driver at Amsterdam CS.
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I am going for scale 1at32.
But this will be a project for after my retirement.
At least i will make some pieces: platform one to 6
The fiddle yards will be build somewhere else in the garden.
The same for the ash pit coal and water supplies.

Would it not be a nice idea to see my great-grant fathers loco (6300 series "de Beul") next to the AA20.
He would love to drive that beast.

To drive a train into Amsterdam CS that is pretty high on my bucket list.

PS: freely translated "de beul" = torturer, why? The fire man on that loco was not your average fireman, aka 110kg pure muscles.
The AA20 was 50%-75% mechanical fed and 2 fireman where also working
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