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Templot2 update version 233b now available

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Martin Wynne

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A new Templot program update is now available. Version 233b.

Your copy of Templot should update automatically if you restart it and follow the instructions. If you have the Templot Video Player open, please close it first.

There is no need to uninstall your existing copy of Templot.

This release is mainly because I have changed some of the default timber dimensions for the 3D exports.

But I have also added a new function in 233b which might be helpful for Templot beginners. You can now create a new template by drawing a line directly on the screen. A length of straight plain track is created. This doesn't achieve anything you couldn't do just as easily by other means, but it might be a more familiar way of working to get beginners started. More experienced users might find it convenient on occasion too. :)

The new template will snap onto an existing template (including the existing control template) if it is started in close proximity to it.


I have made a quick bit of scruff video showing it in use:


• If you are using Templot version 227a , the automatic update will fail due to a program glitch. Sorry about that -- please download and install version 233b manually from:



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