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Martin Wynne

West of the Severn UK
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Occasionally I hear from members who have lost all their Templot files following a computer disk failure or for other reasons. We all know how many hours of work may have gone into such files, and the great loss this represents.

It's easy to say such files should have been backed up, but that's not always straightforward without buying extra drives, finding a blank CD or USB stick, subscribing to an online backup service, or whatever.

But uploading a Templot file as an attachment here on Templot Club would be a simple and quick way to keep a safe copy of your files, which you could download again if ever needed.

I implemented this option on the old Templot Club forum and I have now done so again here on this one. There is a new forum space:

My notes and files

To use it as an online backup, start a new topic on there and post messages there to which you can attach your files. You can give the topic any subject heading you wish, and add any notes you wish in each message. You could start a fresh topic for each new project, perhaps.

Your topics will be not be accessible to anyone other than yourself, so only you will be able to download your files, read the messages or post new messages and files to those topics.

Of course, this web site is not on a secure data centre so you shouldn't use this as the only backup of important personal files, and I can offer no guarantee that your data will be 100% safe for all time. But the hosting provider makes regular backups of our Templot Club database. Which means that uploading a file here in effect makes two backup copies and the chances of them both failing -- simultaneously with the one on your own computer -- must be very slim.

Please use this facility responsibly and use it only for Templot-related material.

If your project includes maps and background shapes, remember that you need to upload the BGS3 file in addition to the BOX file.

PLEASE NOTE : If you used this facility on the old forum, I'm sorry it has not been possible to copy your files across to this one. You should download your files from the old forum while it is still online, and re-upload them here if you still wish to keep them.

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