Track laid on my finescale narrow gauge layout, at last!

Well, after spending what seemed like ages building sections of track, boards, electronics etc, suddenly almost all the flat-bottom sections of track have been laid and rolling stock, well, rolled along it. Right now the track is only suitable for clockwork or live steam locos though!

The bridge at the far left is not yet fixed, nor is the track over it. A very late decision means that that section now leads to a 90 degree corner board (Grainge & Hodder) which has only just arrived and been built.

As a reminder, the layout is 4mm scale based on, but not a model of, the Festiniog Railway. Track gauge is 7.83mm and apart from the gauge is built to 2mm Scale Association standards. The section in the first photo is 2.1m long.

The remainder of the track, mostly bottom right, will be bullhead. Oh, and I’ve still not really decided on a name! I have a working name for the layout but I’m not really happy with it.


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Phil O

Hi Paul,

It's not often you come across 4mm finescale narrow gauge, I look forward to seeing progress on your project.
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Paul Boyd

Loughborough, UK
Hi Paul,
Also following as I am starting out on a 7.83mm gauge journey too - see How did you go about your track work, did you create roller gauges or use a digital vernier? I am thinking of the latter, with some wooden spacer blocks to assist on the straight sections?

Hi Rich

Welcome to the mad world of finescale narrow gauge! I'll drop a reply onto your other thread as that would seem a better place for it.

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