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Track Repair.

Phil O

Hi Murray,

You will need to put Templot and your box file on a memory stick, unless you put the box file on the cloud and download Templot onto your works computer. Not many firms allow employees to download software onto their computers.
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Martin Wynne

West of the Severn UK
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Martin can I access my storage box from another computer ie the ones at work, as I do not have a printer at the moment.

Hi Murry,

As Phil says, you could copy the Templot program (templot_2.exe) and your /BOX-FILES/ folder onto a USB memory stick (thumb drive). Templot will run directly from a memory stick on any Windows computer you plug it into, it doesn't actually need to be installed on the computer. Assuming the computer administrator allows such things.

However the much easier solution is to export a PDF file instead of printing your templates. The PDF file can then be printed on any computer which has a printer, Windows or not.

To export a PDF file, go to output > export a file menu item. Select the PDF document option. Choose the USB drive for the file, then carry on as if printing the templates.


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New Zealand
I have finally arrived at a template but decided because there was no coaling stage to try and fit one in as part of the repairs and was successful, at least I think so. To obtain the necessary parts would the easiest be to send a copy of the templates to C&L. I missed the Templot evening, for me it is a very late night or very early morning.
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