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Trackbed Edges

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nr Spalding

When you add trackbed edges to a template, you get to specify the width of the trackbed in mm, but when you zoom into the trackpad, it's actually a double line, with the outer line being the specified width. Would it be possible to add an option, if it's already not there and I just can't see it, to be able to adjust the inner line?


For the fiddle yard, I'm going to add a vertical side wall (so the baseboard is an L or T section) of 12mm ply so that if any stock derails (as if!), it will hit this side wall, rather than come off the fiddle yard, and head for the floor. I'd like to represent this with the trackbed option. I'd use the inner line to check for clearance with the dummy vehicle, and the outer line to check I can actually get passed it.

I got very funny looks from Mylo yesterday ... one of our outbuildings (sounds posh - really isn't), has double sliding doors, so I was setting these at various positions with the tape measure (and Mylo, like Pepper before him doesn't like a tape measure), and seeing how close I can get them, and squeeze through! For the record I can easily get through sideways on 40cm width, and width ways on 60cm width.


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Martin Wynne

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Hi Richard,

Just change the option to ballast+cess and set the cess width... to whatever you want for the wall thickness:


The cutting line option simply reduces the cess width to half a rail-width to print a bold double line. There isn't an option to change that. I could add one, but it hardly seems necessary.

An alternative way to have a wall alongside tracks is to use a modified platform. See the parapet walls option at:


That way you get some extra options -- you can have a different width at each end, and skew the ends.

Did Mylo offer to hold the end of the tape? :)


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nr Spalding

Sorry for the delay in replying - life getting in the way!

That's excellent, and combined with platforms, I can have the baseboard, baseboard edge. my 450mm and 700mm limits!

Thanks again!
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