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Trimmed transition curves

Often when I make transition curves I then delete completely one or other of the curves that were used to create it and then change the length at one of both ends to match the templates used for forming the transition. Or I need to trim one, both or the other of the forming curves. So I'd like templot to ask me about it after I've said it's the correct hand.

e.g. 1
I want to delete both of these curves and set the transition curve length to match the ends of the forming curves where the transition coincides with the end of each forming curve.



Here I want to delete just one template, 207. Then shorten the transition to the notch. At the other end I want to shorten the other forming curve to the end of the transition curve.
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Thanks for your suggestion.

It's quite easy to get what you want if you trim the transition before you delete the original templates, like this:

Click on one of them and then use this function to shorten or extend the transition template to the required end of it -- possibly over the top of it:


You can then delete it.

Alternatively if you delete them first you can use the same function to extend the transition template to the remaining templates.

More about using the extend/shorten function here:


I will look at automating some of this when making a transition link. It's not simple because of all the various options.


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