Undo changes in Shapes?


Sorry if this is an old question but I've attempted to search for the answer.

Is there a back button or undo changes in the Shapes part of Templot, in the same way you can go backwards on the Control Template?

Amazing new features now and I'm gobsmacked by the printing out 3D track facility, not that I'm likely to go diwn that route

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@Julian Roberts

Hi Julian,

Sorry no, there isn't an Undo in the background shapes. It's been on my list for a long time, but still hasn't made it to the top.

If you are making some changes and think you might want to undo them, save a BGS3 file first. Then you can reload it if necessary to undo the changes. Otherwise the only way is to delete the shape and redraw it.

The background shapes function was never intended to reach its present complexity. When I invented it, it was just a bare-bones function to add baseboard outlines to the trackpad. It needs a complete rewrite in combination with the sketchboard. But not just yet as I have too many other developments on the go.


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