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   how to ...   create an inside half-scissors

Templot has an automated function to make slips, see create slips. But an inside half-scissors differs from a single slip in that the main road is along the side road. In a slip the main roads are across the diamond. This means that the switches of an inside half-scissors are of the opposite hand from the corresponding switches in a slip:

For an inside half-scissors it is necessary to build up the partial templates manually. This video shows how to do that:

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The video shows a straight half-scissors, but the process is exactly the same if the main road is curved.

In order for the switches to print properly on the printed templates, the switch templates need to be printed in front of the V-crossings. After creating the half-scissors, if necessary move them to the bottom of the list in the storage box. Their ID number begins with an S. Select each one and click the button to move it to the bottom of the list:

After moving them, if you need to select them on the trackpad, SHIFT+click on their name label. Otherwise the underlying V-crossings will be selected instead.

Ask on the friendly Templot Club forum if you need more information about creating an inside half-scissors.


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