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    improve map clarity

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low-contrast option:

                      'This function will convert the image in the selected picture shape:||'

                     +'||to a low-contrast image.'

                    +'||This can be helpful when working over a background map so that it does not become too distracting and allows the track templates to be clearly seen.'

                    +'||You can choose the basic grey shade to suit your current trackpad colour scheme, as you prefer.'

                    +'||You can reduce the contrast further by repeating this function.'

                    +'||On large images conversion may take some time to complete.'

                    +'||This function cannot be reversed -- for this reason an unmodified duplicate picture shape will be created and set not to show on the trackpad. You can use this as a backup picture shape if the conversion results are not satisfactory.'

                     Choose a basic grey shade for the converted image.',

                     'black','dark  grey','medium  grey','light grey','white',


link to this page: https://85a.uk/templot/companion/map_clarity.php