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a simple track plan

A simple Templot starter project

This short screen video shows you how to use the controls in Templot to create a simple track plan.

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Watch this screen video from Templot to see how easy it is to create a track plan. This one is just a small part of a larger layout. A rough sketch can be scanned and used as a design guide as shown. If it is drawn to a known scale, Templot can display it at the correct size automatically.

Here below is the result with the tracks aligned over the sketch. The plan is ready to be printed out as detailed construction templates.


This is just the beginning of Templot. You can go on to link further templates on-screen and create complex formations to build a complete layout track plan. And then print it out to any size.

Many thanks to Russ for the original sketch. It has been converted to a low-contrast negative image in a photo editor program. This makes it less visually distracting while working over it, but is a matter of preference. The Templot screen can be set to any colours of your choice.

In addition to layout sketches and drawings, Templot can import historic maps from the internet and display them at the correct scale.


link to this page: https://85a.uk/templot/companion/simple_track_plan.php