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Templot In Full  -  1. download and installation


Precision  track  design  for  model  railways

track  plan  design    •    precision  construction  templates

The download button is below, but please read through these notes first.

Templot Download                                   click to make a donation - thank you


If you are not sure, there is more explanation here: what is Templot?




Templot2 is available for use free of charge and supported by voluntary donations. See: Templot2 Terms of Use

If you are new to Templot you may not realise that Templot is my hobby. I'm happy for other modellers to use it. It has been available for more than 25 years and has been subject to constant change and development over that time. This means that many of the user guides, tutorials and screen videos on the Templot Companion web site were made with and for earlier versions, so in reading them please bear this in mind. On the other hand you are unlikely to make much progress with Templot if you don't read them.

Have fun with Templot.


Start off with the basic beginners guide here: Templot Explained

A full description of what Templot is and does can be found at: Templot Home

The computer system requirements for Templot are here: Templot for You

Development of Templot continues and will never be completely finished. The current version of Templot2 is

  version 245a, released on 26th June 2024.

You may find some things on the web site don't match what you are seeing on the screen in the latest version. That's where the Templot Club user forum comes in to answer your questions. This is a friendly support forum and web site for Templot users to ask questions, exchange information, ideas, and data files, and to keep up to date with the latest Templot news. Please join to get the most from Templot. With many members worldwide there is sure to be someone who can answer your questions. Templot Club is at: Templot Club.

Please bear in mind that some parts of Templot2 are still work in progress -- some of the links to the help notes do not yet go anywhere.

If you need help with Templot please ask on Templot Club. I regret that I can no longer provide individual support via email and PM.

Download Templot2 by clicking here:


       For Windows computers:   click to download the latest version of Templot


       For Apple Mac computers:   DOWNLOAD  TEMPLOT  FOR  MAC


When your browser asks what to do with the downloaded file, click Run or Open or double-click on the downloaded file.

You may see a security warning like this:


You can safely ignore this. Click the Run button. Templot2 is safe to run and will not harm your computer.

Follow the instructions as they appear to install Templot2 on your computer.

Problems downloading or installing? click here


For more information about the system requirements for Templot click here.










link to this page: https://85a.uk/templot/companion/installation.php