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  • The Plug Track functions are experimental and still being developed. Some of the earlier pages of this topic are now out-of-date.

    For an updated overview of this project see this post.   For some practical modelling aspects of using Plug Track see The Book of Plug Track.

    The assumption is that you have your own machines on which to experiment, or helpful friends with machines. Please do not send Templot files to commercial laser cutting or 3D printing firms while this project is still experimental, because the results are unpredictable and possibly wasteful.

    Some pages of this and other topics include contributions from members who are creating and posting their own CAD designs for 3D printing and laser-cutting. Do not confuse them with Templot's own exported CAD files. All files derived from Templot are © Martin Wynne.

Thinking Templot

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A thought related to templot and track work.

I think it is possible?
I think it would be a nice idea to collect drawings of several stations/yards ect in a format for download with a preview?
Or that users of this forum could "drop" there drawings here for others?
Sorted by country than sorted by a certain time span ~10 or 25 years, depends on the time frame, in some years the changes where following each other rapidly.

A man here in...
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