ZOOM MEETING 8PM TONIGHT - There will be a Templot Zoom meeting TONIGHT Thursday 2nd February 2023 at 8pm UK time. This a test to see if the system works and the Templot screens are clear enough to see. If so it will be a general natter about Templot. All welcome.

More info and meeting link: click here.

  • The Plug Track functions are experimental and still being developed. Some of the earlier pages of this topic are now out-of-date.

    For an updated overview of this project see this post.   For some practical modelling aspects of using Plug Track see The Book of Plug Track.

    The assumption is that you have your own machines on which to experiment, or helpful friends with machines. Please do not send Templot files to commercial laser cutting or 3D printing firms while this project is still experimental, because the results are unpredictable and possibly wasteful.

    Some pages of this and other topics include contributions from members who are creating and posting their own CAD designs for 3D printing and laser-cutting. Do not confuse them with Templot's own exported CAD files.

Hall of Fame

Many thanks to all the Templot supporters listed here, and all who contributed in previous years.

Templot Supporters   -   Hall of Fame  

Many thanks to everyone listed here for their contributions to the Templot funds,
and to all who contributed in previous years.

This page lists all contributors since 1st January 2020 in chronological order, except those who have requested not to be listed.

If I have missed anyone, apologies, do please let me know. Likewise if you would prefer not to be listed here.

Also let me know if you would prefer your name here to be replaced with your user name on Templot Club.

My email: martin at 85a dot uk

Many thanks again to everyone -- your support makes it possible to develop Templot and run the Templot web site.

To become a supporter, please go to: Donations. Thanks.

Richard Tearle
Paul Taylor
Giles Baxter
Paul Hodgson
Johan Hessel van Dijk
John Birch
David Richie
Gordon Ashton
Mark Fisher
Robert Doberski
David Baillie
Philip Bancroft
Jürgen Haase
Ian Fullwood
Stuart Hince
Colin Divall
Robin Wilkes
Julian Roberts
Andrew Foulger
Bill Eaton
David Bird
Ron Oakley
John Pletta
Rex Carslake
Nigel Ashton
David Chadwick
Stuart Barker
Lionel Rudkin
David Howard
Thomas Petith
Wayne Kinney
Stuart Davison
Hugh Bolton
David Beale
Phil Ottley
Robert Juleff
Charles Orr
William Lobb
Nick Morgalla
Brian Wates
Carl Drinkwater
John Pearson
Laurence Adams
Roger Bristow
Stuart Barker
Gregor Behr
Russell Burridge
Stephen Toal
David Wilson
Bill Eaton
Ralph Robertson
Stephen Cornford
Daniel Jung
Thomas King
Murry Bartlett
David Reid
Keith Nicholls
John Greenwood
Julian Roberts
Richard Tearle
Douglas Brown
Stuart Barker
David Reid
William Lobb
Rob Stuart
Matthew Moore
John Jones
Dave Searle
Charles Orr
Paul Boyd
Richard Lake
Trevor Walling
Ian Coleby
Francis Price
Ngon Nguyen
James Walters
William Campbell
Patrick Hunt
Nigel Willis
Andrew Harbert
Michael White
Terry Downes
John Shelley
Ian Bunch
Andrew Barrowman
Rick Williamson
Matthew Rogers
Stuart Barker
Richard Delves
Chris Unwin
Nigel Brown
Dennis Matthews
Bill Eaton
David Brinkley
Frank Davies
David Sutton
Clive Loffler-Thompson
Paul Rivitt
Bevis Heap
Richard Tuplin
Tim Lewis
Maurice Wright
David Murrell
Richard Tearle
Richard Clarke

And all those who contributed in the previous years 2011-2019
(before 2011, Templot was a paid-for commercial product)