1. Martin Wynne

    Coding from a standing start

    Back on the old forum we had a topic about dabbling with the open-source version of Templot in the Lazarus compiler: https://85a.uk/templot/archive/topics/topic_3283.php Perhaps it's time for a follow-on topic on here. If you have never done any computer programming, but would be interested...
  2. Martin Wynne

    Lazarus changes

    @graeme @Alistair Ward Hi Alistair, Graeme, I have received this message. I don't know if it is significant for T3. ______________________________________________________ The Free Pascal and Lazarus teams are in the process of switching to Gitlab to manage their source code and issue...
  3. Martin Wynne

    T1 file updates

    This topic will contain updates to previously posted T1 files. Martin.
  4. Martin Wynne

    T1 files

    This topic will contain my latest open-source code files derived from Templot2. I'm calling these Templot1 (T1) files to avoid confusion with the previously released T3 Lazarus files. These files are from Delphi5. They will need conversion for use in Lazarus. First a couple of small units...
  5. Martin Wynne

    T3 as at December 2019

    Below is the original version of T3 (TemplotMEC) posted 10th December 2019. There are later forked versions of T3/T4, for which see: https://85a.uk/templot/club/index.php?forums/templotmec-nuts-and-bolts.5/ December 2019: These attached files are the open-source version of Templot (...