rail section

  1. Martin Wynne

    Bullhead rail section BS-95R

    Dimensions of the BS-95R bullhead rail section. This is by far the most common size of bullhead rail in the UK, weighing 95lbs per yard. In 4mm/ft scale this is Code 75 bullhead rail. In 7mm/ft scale this is Code 131 bullhead rail.
  2. Martin Wynne

    C&L code 131 bullhead rail for 0 Gauge

    We have previously discussed the anomaly in the size of the commonly used 0 gauge bullhead rail: https://85a.co.uk/forum/view_topic.php?id=3307&forum_id=1&jump_to=26449#p26449 It has now been confirmed that the new bullhead rail from C&L is correctly code 131 again, and from cross-section...