1. M

    Exporting DXF files

    Hi Martin et all, I have an odd problem, when exporting a track plan. The baseboard rectangle outlines are all set to be 480 x 300mm in Templot, which is fine. Export the DXF and import it into Fusion 360 and those same baseboard outlines are now 4800x3000mm, ie increased by a factor of 10...
  2. Martin Wynne

    Experimental Plug Track - file exports for 3D printing

    This is a continuation from previous topics about the 3D printed track in development. • To jump forward to details of functions now available, go to this post: https://85a.uk/templot/club/index.php?threads/229/post-2028 Very pleased with the first results from the Elegoo printer. :) The...
  3. A

    Sharing of Templot-generated DXF files with bespoke manufacturing firms

    A query specifically for Martin Wynne please, if he wouldn't mind - and first of all, thank you Martin for Templot. Having previously worked out my track layouts with spreadsheets and 2D CAD (and before that a drawing board), I'm extremely grateful! Much of my planned layout consists of inset...