• The Plug Track functions are experimental and still being developed. Some of the earlier pages of this topic are now out-of-date.

    Some pages of this topic include contributions from members who are creating and posting their own CAD designs for 3D printing and laser-cutting. Do not confuse them with Templot's own exported CAD files.


  1. M

    Exporting DXF files

    Hi Martin et all, I have an odd problem, when exporting a track plan. The baseboard rectangle outlines are all set to be 480 x 300mm in Templot, which is fine. Export the DXF and import it into Fusion 360 and those same baseboard outlines are now 4800x3000mm, ie increased by a factor of 10...
  2. Martin Wynne

    Experimental Plug Track: 3D-printed, CNC-milled, laser-cut

    . This is a continuation from previous topics about the 3D printed track in development. I have moved it to a new forum section, so if you want to receive emails from this new Plug Track section, you will need to update your Watch settings accordingly. For how to do that, go to...
  3. A

    Sharing of Templot-generated DXF files with bespoke manufacturing firms

    A query specifically for Martin Wynne please, if he wouldn't mind - and first of all, thank you Martin for Templot. Having previously worked out my track layouts with spreadsheets and 2D CAD (and before that a drawing board), I'm extremely grateful! Much of my planned layout consists of inset...