St Erth pointwork in 2FS

Andrew Duncan


I find that delivering small amounts really depends on the piston action of your syringe having a fair bit of friction in its action, when you just have to "lean" on the plunger to produce a small blob on the end of the needle. If the piston action in the syringe is too free, then you will probably have difficulty regulating the movement to provide small amounts. I also find that holding the body of the syringe in a fist of four fingers gives better fine control than the "normal" way of holding between first and second fingers. In fact if the syringe is cold, heat transferred from my fingers can cause enough expansion for a small amount to appear.

Another way of regulating the supply of liquid is to use a finer needle but that can limit you if you want to deliver larger mounts of liquid - like flooding a joint in styrene sheet, etc.

Thanks Jim and funnily enough after writing what I wrote yesterday, I tried it again this time with solvent rather than flux (which had been my first experience of using a syringe) and holding it in my fist, as you describe, and it worked a treat! Oh and whats more I used an incredibdibly fine needle.

Thanks again, very good advice and now I'll be working with less fumes and faster because I'm not returning to the bottle every few sleepers to reload the brush.

Kind regards
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