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Turnout equivalent of diamond at intersection?

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In the screenshot below, you can can see I have two pieces of plain track - lets call the straight one the main line and the curved one the branch. Is there a function similar to the insert diamond at intersection that would automatically insert a turnout of the correct dimensions to lead on to the branch from the main?

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Hi John,

Welcome to Templot Club. :)

Yes, you can do that, but you need to know what you are doing. A curved branch track like that will need a curviform type of V-crossing, and the crossing angle is very likely to be a non-standard size.

Also, there isn't one single design of turnout which fits, there can be different switch sizes and other settings.

The first thing to do as you have them there is to make the control on the background template, and then insert a turnout in it:


The size and position of the turnout doesn't matter, but it needs to be of the required hand and facing in the required direction, to help Templot find the right one. Also the size of switch needs to be whatever you want for the final turnout. Here it is a "B" switch.

Then do all this:



Make sure to select the required running rail on the background template above. Plain track templates have a flag at one end marking the main side (MS) of the template. The turnout side (TS) is not flagged.



And after deleting the original template:


More about this function at:

After finding the above curviform turnout, it would be better to change it to the next standard size (in this case B-7.5) with a regular or generic type of V-crossing. Then make branch track, and if the alignment of the original curve is important, link the branch track to it.


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