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I've been slowly drawing track plans for South Australia Railways. The stations are from 1912 period. Mt. Barker Junction has always appealed to me.It is on the mainline from Adelaide to Melbourne.
Well, after spending what seemed like ages building sections of track, boards, electronics etc, suddenly almost all the flat-bottom sections of track have been laid and rolling stock, well, rolled along it. Right now the track is only suitable for clockwork or live steam locos though! The bridge at the far left is not yet fixed, nor is the track over it. A very late decision means that that section now leads to a 90 degree corner board (Grainge & Hodder) which has only just arrived and been built. As a reminder, the layout is 4mm scale based on, but not a model of, the Festiniog Railway. Track gauge is 7.83mm and apart from the gauge is built to 2mm Scale Association standards. The section in the first photo is 2.1m long. The...
An interesting, albeit large, prototype, especially for those who prefer freight movements. My interest came about after discussing the L&Y station "New Barns Junction" which was at the end of the branch from Windsor Bridge. Originally trains from the L&Y ran throughto the rear of the warehouses at Dock 8...you can just see them peeping out on the right of the screenshot. These were truncated and terminated when "The Grid" was built, along with the opening of Dock 9. On the left hand side are the Manchester Ship Canal Company sidings, and to the right, those of the L&Y, with the MSC running freight to the warehouses on Dock 8 and 9. At its peak, the MSC had 75 locomotives, 2700 wagons and 230 miles of track. Ian
This is something I have been pondering ever since I saw this photo on the front of Great Eastern in Town & Country book The plan is to have a cameo layout in EM gauge about 48" x 18" .I wanted a strong lightweight track bed as its on a viaduct and settled on a plastic soffit board. There are no detailed photos in the book, and behind left should be tenements (I think Adolf redeveloped this site in the early 40's) Its going to be my own interpretation of a docklands scene This is showing an early version on a card former, using Wills products to determine heights etc The exact orientation of the track bed is yet to be decided, as are the position and sizes of the warehouses I have and will need to buy. The warehouses are ones...
Hi Folk, Back in 2018 I posted the start of my O gauge starter layout, so here's the current state of play - I have "found" a corner to enable me to work on it undisturbed but, as you can see, progress is slow..... Progress on Singleton has been even slower though, during lockdown, I have built a couple of engines and am working up drawings for the platform buildings in Inkscape, with a view to using my Silhouette Curio (still not unwrapped!) to cut out the parts. best wishes, stay safe Richard
Share and show, right? Really no problems at all, nothing, everything went very smoot. To call it a success? yes and no. Frogs and safety rails could be wider to receive the wheel/flange (not deeper) better thus the distance between the flange baring surface and the safety/guardrail can be 0.5 mm smaller/shorter, 41mm to 40mm perhaps even 39mm. Does this make any sense? I will make a drawing of what i mean tomorrow. If you see anything that can be improved please share your thoughts. Thanks for reading, with best regards Igor
A selection of 4 buffer stops. Drawn by myself and 3d-printed in 7mm scale by Shapeways. Great Eastern Railway L.N.E.R. G.W.R. T.W.Ward No. 11b Looks like it was a good summer for weeds! The buffer-stop kits are available from here.