3D printing

  1. Martin Wynne

    Extracting a timbering brick from a track plan

    . This is the first topic in a new forum section, so if you want to receive emails from this new Plug Track section, you will need to update your Watch settings accordingly. For how to do that, go to: https://85a.uk/templot/archive/topics/topic_3839.php#p31676 A timbering "brick" is a...
  2. Paul Boyd

    3D FDM Printers!

    I somehow seem to have found myself getting seriously interested in buying a 3D printer. It'll have to be FDM as my tiny flat would not cope with the space or smellies of resin printing. As it is, I'm wondering where on earth I could put even a filament printer! Martin randomly pointed me at...
  3. Martin Wynne

    Experimental Plug Track: 3D-printed, CNC-milled, laser-cut

    This is a continuation from previous topics about the 3D printed track in development. • To jump forward to details of functions now available, go to this post: https://85a.uk/templot/club/index.php?threads/229/post-2028 Very pleased with the first results from the Elegoo printer. :) The...
  4. Martin Wynne

    Rail filing jigs - 3D printed

    I'm pleased to report this idea has worked out well. :) Here's the STL for one half of a 1:5 vee rail filing jig for C&L code 75 bullhead. Overall size is 145 x 28 x 10 mm: And 3D printed: Each half took about an hour to print, the total cost of material for both works out at 86p. I used...
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  8. A

    Messin' With Resin - 3D printed track

    As my birthday is next month (not saying which one) and the price of resin 3D printers has dropped a lot I took the plunge into resin and ordered something called an Elegoo Mars 2 Mono. Should arrive Saturday. The build surface is a bit small but the resolution is pretty good so it will be...
  9. Justme Igor

    Scissors crossover aluminium strip 2x10 mm in 1:32

    Scissors crossover, minimum radii 4,60 meters