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The old, old, old Templot tutorial

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Looking at some posts on the old forum, several members mentioned that they sometimes like to go back to the very first Templot tutorial which I wrote 22 years ago.

It's still on the server, but I long ago removed any links to it because it is so very out of date it will be confusing to current Templot users. There are numerous places in it where later Templot functions completely replace the methods shown there. At that time Templot did not support the mouse wheel for zooming, and the control template is called the "current template" throughout.

But as an exercise in nostalgia rather than enlightenment, you might like to see it again: :)


There is also a text-only version which can be printed out if desired.

It was done in P4 in preparation for my Templot demonstration at Scaleforum 2000.

Many of the links will now return 404 not found, but the linked content is mostly still in the Companion pages.

If you are still learning Templot, please refer to the current Companion and videos instead, and treat this old tutorial as of only passing interest.

I'm in two minds about doing this. If it creates a lot of confusion I shall have to remove it again. :(


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